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Mock is tomorrow and i am not prepared. I stupidly should have prepared but i didn't.
AHHHHHH!!!! going to get a U and then have to do loads of work to make up for it.
I'm such an idiot!!!!!!!


I am stressing out right now!

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Questionnaire questions

1) Are you familiar with any films by Ridley Scott? Which ones?

2) Describe a positive representation of a woman

3) Describe a negative representation of a woman

4) Have you seen Thelma and Louise? (Please circle)


5) If yes, how do you think they are represented?

6) Have you seen Alien? (Please Circle)


7) If so, how do you think the woman is represented?

8) Have you seen G.I Jane? (Please circle)


9) If so, how do you think the woman is represented?

10) Do you think Ridley Scott portrays women positively?

11) Are the women in his films the strong protagonists or weak victims?

Focus Group Videos

Here are the videos I have used in my focus group.

G.I Jane

I chose to show this video because it represents a strong character who is willing to do anything in the strive for equality. It also shows the characters strength and portrays how Ridley Scott chose the correct actress (Demi Moore) as it becomes a powerful symbol for bravery.


Unfortunatly the clip I chose to use does not appear on youtube. The clip I chose to show was the end of the film, where Ripley single-handedly faces up to the alien. I ended the clip where there is a close up of her face and the look of relief, triumph and fear is evident on her face.

Thelma and Louise

This is the clip I chose to show because it shows both Thelma and Louise being strong and truimphant over a man. This is a very strong scene and shows they both grow on their journey and are no longer frightened or dependant by men

Focus Group questions

Well, I have finally got round to putting my primary research stuff up.

Here are my focus group questions. I am going to do my focus group with 4 or more people.

1) Draw a positive representation of a woman.

2) Draw a negative representation of a woman

3) Highlight the differences in your drawings and why?

[Watch Thelma and Louise clip]

4) Is this representation positive or negative?

5) Why?

6) Do men or women appear the stronger sex in this clip?

7) Did you like this clip? Why?

[Watch Alien clip]

8) Is this representation positive or negative?

9) Why?

10) Ripley survived this attack and five men didn’t, do you think that makes her stronger?

11) Did you like this clip? Why?

[Watch G.I Jane clip]

12) Is this representation positive or negative?

13) Why?

14) O’Neil shaves her hair off for equality. Do you think that is a positive thing to do?

15) Did you like this clip? Why?

16) Do you think Ridley Scott presents women in a positive way?

Film notes

Here are the notes I took whilst watching the three focus films.

Alien. I studied Ripley closely
Sorts out difficulties when they arise from the beginning.
Sticks up for herself
Offers herself to help others in dangers. Shows courage
Obeys rules/laws- Is the only character to do so.
She is second in command- above the men. Shows her power
Takes lead on one of the group searches
Offers to go in the vent. Is angry when they say no
Remains calm whilst Lambert is erratic
Takes control when Ash decides to do nothing
Is thrown around by Ash- Takes control when they are talking to robot Ash
Orders Lembert and Parker what to do
Only one alive on the spaceship
Burns alien pieces, along with Brett and Dallas, Shows no emotion
Faces alien alone. 10 minutes to evactuate ship alone.
Abondons ship just in time
"I got you, you son of a bitch"- Line of victory
Alien is on spaceshuttle with Ripley- Breathing shows scared, no facial expression
Look of determination- Gets in spacesuit, Kills the alien.

G.I Jane and Thelma and Louise notes to come!

Alien Secondary Research

From Ridley Scott The making of his movies- Paul M Sammon. Chapter 4- The Beast

"Giler and Hill added numerous refinements, including switching the gender of Alien's protagonist (Ripley) from a man to a woman"
"Scott's casting choice for Ripley, however, was his most audacious stroke. Sigourney Weaver was picked by Scott to portray Alien's tough-minded protagonist, primarily, Scott adds 'because of Sigourney's own strength and intelligence'"

From Chronicles network forum

"Ripley is definatly not a damsel in distress. I enjoy seeing women in films being strong and not cliched, feeble characters"
"I believe things have changed a lot over the years in the way women are portrayed and its become more positive"

University of Leicester- Gender homepage
"Although, Ripley is not feminist and does not actively stand for women's rights, her role is reflective of feminist ideology"
"Ripley's part is rather complex as she continually shifts between a feminine role and a masculine role"
"At the end of the film, Ripley was the only remaining survivor and she used cunning, logic and a cool-head to defeat the alien, these are typically male personality attributes and characteristics."
"Since Ripley was the only survivor, this would indicate that she was stronger and more intelligent than the others. Therefore, the patriarchal ideology initially presented in the film is turned upside down and a new type of hero is born"
"Her destruction of the alien, can also be likeneed to the contemporary feminist goal of saving humanity from the destructive impulse of patriarchy"

Films throughout the decades book
"Weaver's portrayal of Ripley set the standard for many tough futuristic heroines that followed"

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

G.I Jane Secondary Research

Here is some secondary research about G.I Jane. I have less sources for this film than I have for the other films so this means that I have to make sure the sources I do have are very accurate as I have less sources to choose from.

Ridley Scott's Major Works. Wikipedia

"Several critics have also faulted Scott's military films, G.I Jane asserting that the films act as fascist propaganda for the American military complex."

This is a critical response so is a good basis for some of my research

Preview from a book about Ridley Scott

"The remarkable G.I Jane, with Demi Moore in full battle mode, determined to surpass the boundaries of biology and social convention, defies its protagonist as a mere feminist prop."

"In Thelma and Louise and G.I Jane gender is something to be challenged or resisted."

Comparisons are made with this film and my other focus film so it provides a good source to be used.

Ridley Scott The making of his movies- Paul M. Sammon. Chapter 9 'A Man's World'

This is my most important source as it provides me with interviews and opinions. I will also get the most information out of this source as it is the largest source I could find on G.I Jane.

"Danielle Alexandra had specifically written the role of Jordan O'Neil for Demi Mooire. Moore herself, as Scott recalls, 'then approached me to direct Jane"

"I liked the fact that the subject-matter of Jane was so provocative"

"Unfortunately, G.I Jane's climax is both unnecessary and anti-climatic. Viewers have already seen Lt O'Neil win the respect and admiration of her male colleages"

"'Many people misread this picture' says Scott. 'It is pro-women, not anti. I was trying to show [once again] what a woman has to do just to have the same chances [as men], and here's a woman fighting back and refusing to be beaten down.'"

Scott says "As for its so-called feminist angle, I thought G.I Jane just reflected the way the world is really working"

Friday, 14 November 2008

IMDB link

Here is the link to IMDB where someone has posted a question on the qualities Ripley (Alien) portrays. I think this is a useful link and provides me with some more secondry research.

Mood: Annoyed!
I am now going to rant about rotten tomatoes. What utter pointless responses I have gotten!! Also, IMDB isn't much better with ONE person replying with ONE word. But anyway I think I have enough research, its just annoying to think some people just comment my question to say I should do my own work.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Thelma and Louise Secondary Research

I have quite a few articles and paper-based sources about the films and representations of women in them.
I am going to quote what I feel is relavant to my question and explain why I think this.

From a book about Ridley Scott

"Thelma and Louise represents a welcome moment of gender justice, but it is G.I Jane that should be honoured for its attempt to take gender parity to its logical conclusion."
"In Thelma and Louise and G.I Jane gender is something to be challenged or resisted."

I have ordered this book from amazon so I am expecting more useful quotes from the author and from Ridley Scott interviews.

From a Ridley Scott interview about Thelma and Louise

He "considers himself as a non-feminist director, directing a feminist film"
"Male director considering a female subject"
Loves the idea of explring "two female characters in depth" and "creating their personalities.

I still have no finished reading this interview as it is very long. However, I will be using some more useful quotes to agree with my hypothesis

Thelma and Louise article

"As the journey progresses, the frightened and helpless Thelma develops into a smart, strong woman. The more critical the friends' situation gets, the more assertive she becomes"

This shows that throughout the film the women's strength grows when they no longer need men. Their independence and fun means more to them and they become strong characters, no longer marginalized by men.

"Scott's movie doesn't map out an exclusively female pattern of behaviout for the two friends, but rather lets them take on roles that are usually reserved for men. Reviewers in the US criticised the movie for its man-hating attitudes and glorification of violence, but in fact Thelma and Louise makes no generalisations about the sexes"

From 'Ridley Scott- The making of his movies' Chapter 8- Two girls and a thunderbird
"Many of Scott's prior films had already featured strong, independent women, so prehaps one should not be too surprised at Scott's acceptance of a project that, says the director, 'basically took apart the whole male species'

Scott said "The script put the male/female relationship into perspective. It was written so as maybe to make the audiences recognize certain aspects of themselves while watching Thelma and Louise "

"It inverted the way movies sometimes stereotype women, since each of the eight guys in Thelma and Louise actually represented a different portion of one whole man. Some were pretty negative. That's not to say I ever felt that Thelma and Louise was anti-male or into male-bashing"

About casting for Thelma and Louise- "This was done with an eye towards acquiring female performers who not only possessed proven acting skills, but personal, inner strengths as well"

Ridley Scott. Major Works. Wikipedia
"Thelma and Louise has attracted a wide range of debate regarding its centreal themes. Some have argued that the film is a feminist tale of female empowerment, claiming that the film uses the trappings of feminism to create an exploitative female-fantasy adventure"

This is useful as it provides a critics point of view.

Information on the films

Whilst on a short weekend getaway, Louise shoots a man who had tried to rape Thelma. Due to the incriminating circumstances, they make a run for it but are soon followed closely by the authorities including a local policeman who is sympathetic to their plight. The federal authorities, however, have less compassion and thus a cross country chase ensues for the two fugitives. Along the way, both women rediscover the strength of their friendship and suprising aspects of their personalities and self-strengths in the trying times.

When a crusading chairperson of the military budget committee pressures the would be Navy secretary to begin full gender integration of the service, he offers the chance for a test case for a female trainee in the elite Navy SEALS commando force. Lt. Jordan O'Niel is given the assignment, but no one expects her to succeed in an inhumanly punishing regime that has a standard 60% dropout rate for men. However, O'Niel is determined to prove everyone wrong.

While returning from a deep-space mission, the crew of the commercial spaceship Nostromo is awakened by a supposed SOS call from a system they are passing through. Descending to the planet's surface, they discover a strange derelict spaceship - the apparent source of the transmission - and one of the crew descends into the hold. What he finds are thousands of strange alien eggs. While examining one of the eggs, it hatches and the parasite inside attacks him. After returning to the Nostromo the crew takes off again to head for Earth. The alien parasite subsequently dies and all seems well again. But what no one knows is that another alien is quietly forming within its host - and when it emerges, the crew finds itself in serious trouble

My IMDB link

Here is the question i placed onto imdb asking his fans about their thoughts

Pleas feel free to comment as well as it will asll be useful

Why I chose my hypothesis

I chose my hypothesis for one reason and that is because Ridley Scott represents women in a different way than other male directors.
He has become known as making ‘women’s films’ such as Thelma and Louise.

Each female character in my three chosen films are presented as very strong and independent. Demi Moore in G.I Jane becomes the first woman to participate in the Navy S.E.A.L.S. training and this creates a strong sense of physical strength and equality between men and women. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davies are seen as strong role models for escaping men’s clutches and experiencing life on their own. And Sigourney Weaver is seen as strong for being a woman in space and taking over as commanding officer in the presence of a crisis.

All these women are seen as strong because of how Ridley Scott perceived them to be, directors usually consider men as the lead roles but it is Ridley Scott’s reversal of this that made me choose this question.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Media Question

How are representations of women in the films of Ridley Scott perceived by his fans?
  • Thelma and Louise
  • G.I Jane
  • Alien